XP32 3.7.86
XP32 3.7.86
by XP32.com

If you currently work with Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Home Edition, then you will certainly value this advanced performance software which will tweak your system just the way you want it. XP32 allows you to f...

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File Size: 1.2 MB | Shareware

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DllRegSvr 1.1
by Chestysoft

This is a simple tool for registering ActiveX dll and ocx controls. It uses a Windows interface so it is quicker and easier than working at the command prompt....

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File Size: 217 K | Freeware

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ERS 2K/XP, Emergency Recovery System FAT/FAT32 6.01
by Backtec Software

Win 2K/XP, Recover gracefully from a system crash with ERS 2K/XP. Should Win 2K/XP registry or other System files get corrupted, backups will then be available to restore from. ERS 2K/XP does two Windows main files backu...

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File Size: 3.86 MB | Shareware

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Smart PC 4.0
by Smart PC Solutions, Inc.

By a few easy steps you can make your PC run faster, cleaner and error-free with the help of a new award-winning tool - Smart PC. The software fixes stubborn errors, cleans-up space-wasting junk and debris making your PC...

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File Size: 2.15 MB | Shareware

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WinRescue 2000 2.08.34
by Super Win Software, Inc.

Four Tools in One: Crash Fixer, RegPack, File Backup, and Troubleshooter. WinRescue protects your computer from crashes. Don't spend hours reinstalling Windows 2000, restore in minutes with WinRescue 2000. Defrag th...

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File Size: 960 K | Shareware

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Ashampoo WinOptimizer Platinum 4 .15
by Ashampoo

For years, millions of users have depended on Ashampoo's award-winning WinOptimizer series to keep their Windows installations clean and running smoothly and efficiently. As one user put it, "This package gives you ...

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File Size: 11.44 MB | Shareware

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Effective Goal Setting - Free Self-Counseling Soft 2.10.04
by InnerPeace.Org

Free self-counseling software for inner peace. Use Inner Peace for inner peace. Imagine life with more inner peace. What would that be like? Let go of issues that interfere with inner peace. Create states that support in...

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File Size: 8 K | Freeware

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Absolute Color Picker ActiveX Control 3.0
by ELTIMA Software GmbH

Absolute Color Picker ActiveX Control is a component that includes two dialogs: color selection dialog and gradient filling dialog. The component is easy to use and implement in your projects. You will save time, money a...

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File Size: 5.23 MB | Shareware

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Emjysoft Sudoku 2.00
by Emjysoft

Create an unlimited number of puzzles in 3 difficulty degrees The rules for solving a Sudoku are simple: each row, column and region must contain the numerals from 1 through 9 exactly once....

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File Size: 710 K | Freeware

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HVLJFont - Laser Printer Fonts 1.0
by Procon Systems

The HVLJFont package provides downloadable PCL "soft" fonts for use with HP compatible Laserjet printers. The fonts can be used with MS-DOS, Window's terminal programs, Unix, Linux, Macintosh, and IBM's AS/400 ...

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File Size: 45 K | Shareware

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Aqaurius Soft PC Unit Converter 1,0,0,4
by Aquarius Soft

Aquarius Soft PC Unit Converter lets you quickly convert between 2 units, like converting between square meter and square foot etc. One of the main features of this unit converter is the ability to let you add your own c...

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File Size: 860 K | Shareware

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Crap Cleaner 1.20.118
Crap Cleaner 1.20.118
by PT Savers

Crap Cleaner is a system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities s...

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File Size: 1.09 MB | Freeware

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MzPDF Toolkit 1.0
by Mozon Soft


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File Size: 1.38 MB | Shareware

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Soft XP Icons 1.0
by Fast Icon Studio

Designed using a perspective and color palette inspired by the style of Windows XP, the Soft XP Icons collection is Fast Icon's latest icon collection for developers. Soft XP includes 110 icons in several formats and siz...

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File Size: 82 K | Shareware

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RemoveWhitespaceFromAddRemovePrograms 1.0
by Christensen Software

This is a small utility that cleans up the registry in those cases where huge gaps of whitespace is displayed in the add/remove programs control panel applet. The gap is caused by a badly formatted "DisplayedIcon&qu...

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File Size: 32 K | Freeware

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Serial X 1.0
by Caracolix Media

Software has the power of easing our daily life by bringing us a lot of comfort and good times. Software is an essential part for the computer to do that job. Software licensing is the part that pays for the programmer ...

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File Size: 3.71 MB | Shareware

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3D Button API 3.1
by MultiMedia Soft

3D Button API is the ultimate 3D button Software Development Kit (SDK), developed by MultiMedia Soft:; derived from the experience with our ActiveX control 3D Active Button Magic, its purpose is to substitute the old fas...

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File Size: 4.43 MB | Commercial

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Mopis 1.2.2
Mopis 1.2.2
by Nethernet Corp

Mopis is a high-quality semi-modular software synthesizer that combines traditional subtractive synthesis with sample resynthesis. Subtractive synthesis creates the same sounds that analog synths have used for years, us...

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File Size: 12.72 MB | Shareware

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TreeNotes 1.02
TreeNotes 1.02
by Helmsman

Frigate TreeNote - is a versatile data manager, that's flexible enough to accommodate any kind of data. The program has the look and feel of Windows Explorer. A plus sign beside a data node indicates that additional inf...

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File Size: 1.61 MB | Shareware

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Color Style Studio 2.1
by XVEL Software

"Color Style Studio" is a software package, that allows to select color combinations by means of models, based on photos (facades of houses, interiors, cars) or any other pictures (more than 20 graphic formats ...

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File Size: 10.68 MB | Shareware

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