Chroniker for Availability Monitoring 4.0.2
by NRG Global

What Chroniker for Availability Monitors NodeWatch gives you complete view on the availability of your environment, Ping Check Routers, Switches, and other vital network components. Monitor Servers or any TCP Connect b...

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File Size: 9.16 MB | Freeware

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Any@Web 2.70.1212
Any@Web 2.70.1212
by TEC Solutions Limited

Any@Web is a powerful software specifically designed to monitor, record and restrict Internet activities in the network. It records any web pages viewed, files uploaded & downloaded and emails sent and received throu...

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File Size: 5.39 MB | Demo

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Virtual Web Scout 1.0
by The Virtual Consulting Firm

Stop Losing Money when Your Site is Down! Start Monitoring all of Your Web Sites and those of your Affiliates Now! with Virtual WebScout! It's like having a 24 hour monitoring service checking your pages constantly to m...

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File Size: 1.49 MB | Demo

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IPHost Network Monitor 3.1.5909
by IPHostMonitor

IPHost Network Monitor is a network and server monitoring software. This tool allows monitoring of websites and intranet applications, mail, database (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, ODBC) and other servers, network equipment and...

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File Size: 33.29 MB | Shareware

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WebWatchBot Website Monitoring Software 5.0.3
by ExclamationSoft

WebWatchBot 5.0 makes it easy to implement website and web-based application monitoring for response time, downtime and error conditions. View performance from the end user perspective and identify the impact of individu...

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File Size: 34.05 MB | Shareware

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LivePerf 1.3.1
LivePerf 1.3.1
by LivePerf Software

Application performance monitoring tool for distributed applications across a variety of architectures and operating systems. Use LivePerf to monitor your database performance, your application server, your operating sys...

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File Size: 42.97 MB | Demo

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AceSpy Spy Software 3.8
by Retina-X Studios, LLC

AceSpy Spy Software makes it easy to secretly see what others do on your PC while you are away. After you install AceSpy, it will begin secretly recording EVERYTHING that is done on your computer! AceSpy records REAL t...

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File Size: 2.41 MB | Shareware

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ServerSweep Professional 1.5
by Blue Square Software

ServerSweep Professional has been designed from the ground up by experienced Microsoft Windows NT / 2000 Server support engineers and consultants to provide the very best in Microsoft Server Monitoring. ServerSweep Profe...

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File Size: 16.21 MB | Shareware

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Work Examiner Standard 3.0.38903
by EfficientLab

Work Examiner Standard is a set of computer monitoring tools for tracking and monitoring the online and offline activities of your company's employees. It automatically generates detailed reports and allows you to have c...

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File Size: 54.14 MB | Shareware

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PC Monitoring Software 10.02.02
by PC Monitoring Software

The PC monitoring software comes integrated with two setup files; viewer setup and the agent setup. The employer?s computer has the viewer set up installed on his computer system whereas and the employee?s computer has t...

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File Size: 6.35 MB | Shareware

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Win Spy Software Pro 8.1
by BC Computing SDN BHD

WinSpy is a Complete Stealth Monitoring Software that can both monitor your Local PC and Remote PC. Win Spy Software includes Remote Install. Win Spy comes with a Screen Capture with idle detect, Key Recorder, Auto E- ma...

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File Size: 2.17 MB | Shareware

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Employee Monitoring 3.1
by Employee Monitoring


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File Size: 805 K | Shareware

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Atomic Watch 1.01
by Information Packaging

Website Downtime = Lost Revenue Watch your website to ensure you minimize downtime and maximize uptime. If your website is down, search engines may remove your site, partners may remove links to your site, visitors will...

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File Size: 1.41 MB | Shareware

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Internet Deadbolt 6.0
by ICC Software

ICC Software developed the Internet Deadbolt version 6.0 in response to the damaging activities that can occur while employees are using computers at work. Companies have reported employees surfing the web, downloading ...

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File Size: 2.86 MB | Commercial

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PC Tattletale Parental Control Software 7.9.92
by Parental Control Software, Inc.

New parental control software and Internet monitoring software captures everything your child does online; what they see, where they go and even who they talk to! This easy to use Internet monitoring and parental control...

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File Size: 7.34 MB | Demo

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Win Spy Software Pro 9.1

Monitor your PC or multiple remote PCs with Win Spy Software. Win Spy Software operates in stealth mode, so users will not be aware of its existence or be able to terminate or uninstall it. Win Spy Software comes with a ...

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File Size: 2.07 MB | Shareware

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LAN Employee Monitor 4.1
by Keylogger Spy Monitor ,Inc.

LAN Employee Monitor - LAN monitoring software, an employee monitoring tool. This security LAN monitoring software monitors the screens of all employees? computer in real time by matrix screen. And it can remote control ...

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File Size: 6.5 MB | Shareware

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ManageEngine OpStor 5
by AdventNet Inc.

OpStor is a multi-vendor storage infrastructure monitoring tool offering unified Inventory, Fault and Performance management for Storage Arrays, Fabric Switches, Tape Libraries, HBAs and Host servers through a browser-ba...

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File Size: 22.46 MB | Commercial

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IMSurfSentinel 2005.5
by Voelker Software Development

IMSurfSentinel spy software is the perfect Internet Monitoring solution. It allows you to secretly monitor and control Intenet and computer use. With this spy software, you can monitor and log instant messenger activity,...

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File Size: 1.85 MB | Shareware

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Power Spy Software 2008 7.20
by eMatrixSoft

Computer spy software / monitoring software by eMatrixSoft, Power Spy - Invisible keylogger, email and messenger spy software. Perfect for catching cheaters, monitoring employees, children and spouse, acquiring others' p...

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File Size: 4.41 MB | Shareware

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