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Check MSI 2.00.0023

By Catfood Software
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Check MSI 2.00.0023
Release date:2009-03-11
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Check MSI 2.00.0023 author's review:

Ensures that the correct version of Windows Installer is present.

Check MSI is a tool for setup programs that checks the version of the Microsoft Windows Installer present on a user's system.

If the right version is present Check MSI launches the product's setup program transparently.

If MSI is not installed or the version is too old the user is directed to a web page where the right version can be downloaded.

Check MSI is driven by an easy to configure INI file and stays resident in memory until the setup program has terminated making it suitable for use with self-extracting wrappers (i.e. InstallShield Package for the Web). You can free download Check MSI 2.00.0023 now.

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