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Cobra Check Mail 1.23

By Cobra Apps
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Release date:2011-03-22
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Cobra Check Mail 1.23 author's review:

Handy utility to view and delete email directly from your mail server

Cobra Check Mail is a useful utility that enables you to easily monitor for unread mail on any of your POP3 mail servers, including secure servers that use SSL such as Hotmail (Windows Live), Google Mail (Gmail) and Microsoft Exchange Server.

When unread mail is detected you are alerted via the task bar icon, and a balloon pop-up notification. You can then view the unread mail directly from the server and choose to delete individual mail you do not want to keep. This is all done before you download any mail onto your computer using your normal email client application. You can also make Check Mail play any sound (wav) file of your choosing to indicate arrival of new mail.

This utility is invaluable for removing potential viruses, spam and junk mail before they get anywhere near your computer.

Comes with comprehensive user guide.

- Supports multiple POP3 accounts
- Supports secure servers using SSL
- Works with hotmail, windows live, google/gmail
- Runs in background with task bar icon
- Works with any POP3 mail provider
- Check any mail before downloading
- Simple to use and setup
- Helps to avoid email viruses, spam and junk mail
- Play your own sound WAV file on arrival of new mail
- Small footprint - uses minimal resources
- User guide You can free download Cobra Check Mail 1.23 now.

Cobra Check Mail 1.23 list of changes:

Various fixes and improvements to user interface

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