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Cryptic Disk 2.7.0

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Cryptic Disk 2.7.0
Release date:2011-03-01
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Cryptic Disk 2.7.0 author's review:

A professional solution for encryption and password protection of sensitive data

Data confidentiality,esp. in business,has always been of critical importance.It?s no surprise when contracting parties include a provision on the confidential information non-disclosure in agreements.The information exchanged between the parties during their cooperation is often a comprehensive set of financial,administrative,production data which,upon being accessed by any third unauthorized parties,will give a presentation of the company?s internal operations,financial status,and technologies.That is obviously not something that the information owner would like to share in such a detail,especially if ?data leak? poses threats of financial losses.Thus,such ?contractual? information security involves a high level of responsibility and protection assurance measures undertaken by both of the parties. The most reliable solution is provided by encryption software for hiding data stored on computers.Cryptic Disk is one of the professional and easy encryption solutions for secure password protection and encryption of the sensitive information on disks/disk partitions of a PC.The result of an easy encryption procedure is an invisible and inaccessible encrypted disk/disk partition where any classified data and files can be saved to be automatically kept encrypted.To read/use such files the user needs to enter a valid password in the Cryptic Disk program. Thus,an accountant or a secretary working with inner corporate financial documents on their PC or accessing such documents on their manager?s PC in the local network might have such data safely stored on an encrypted disk/disk partition and access it with a password.The manager might set individual access rights for them to access only the type of information they are authorized to or need for fulfilling their job duties.Taking such a simple precaution measure as disk encryption will prevent you from worrying about the security of your company?s sensitive information and of the information entrusted to you by your partners. You can free download Cryptic Disk 2.7.0 now.

Cryptic Disk 2.7.0 list of changes:

The encryption driver of Cryptic Disk now has a digital signature, which enables creating encrypted disks in all the 64-bit operating systems (Windows Vista, 2008 Server and Windows 7).

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