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Fastream IQ Reverse Proxy 1.3.0

By Fastream Technologies
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Fastream IQ Reverse Proxy 1.3.0
Release date:2009-03-11
File Size:IQReverseProxy.exe, 4.07 MB
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Fastream IQ Reverse Proxy 1.3.0 author's review:

Secure web servers with load-balancing, gzip, bw limits, authentication and SSL.

Secure your web server with cache, load-balancing, bw limits, configurable NTLM/HTML/HTTP/1.1-digest/basic authentication and 256-bit industry strength SSL/TLS encryption, authentication, bandwidth limiting and load balancing with failover protection as well as GZip acceleration and absolute URL translator and only the best architectural design and highest performance and security for the Windows platform by utilizing multiple CPUs/CPU-core


Memory cache implemented for 1Gbps performance with single (core) 32-bit Pentium/Athlon/Duo Core 2

128-bit SSL/TLS accelerator with support for OpenSSL hardware cards and self-signed certificate creation

Load balancing in URL-aware fashion: point each domain/path to different/same target LAN server/port

Bandwidth limiting per URL rule per IP/port

GZip compression accelerator with configurable compression rates for each object extension

Failover protection with both ICMP and HTTP server validation

Cookies created make session persistence possible among client-to-target-server matching

Filter/pass firewall: Filter with respect to IP, reverse DNS and even client IP country

Client connections pooled with dynamic load determination algorithm

High performance on-the-fly HTML absolute link transformer and dynamic DNS auto updater client built-in

User-friendly HTTP/XML controller interface for remote admin access

HTTP/1.1 basic and digest authorization with users definable per URL rule

Supports W3C Extended Log Format with selectable fields and NFServer v2 screen and file logging--configurations setable in URL granularity You can free download Fastream IQ Reverse Proxy 1.3.0 now.

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