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Free 7art Zodiac Clock ScreenSaver 1.5 download

New time measuring tool able to tell you a day of the week and the month as well

You can download 7art Zodiac Clock ScreenSaver from publisher's website: Free download (793 K)

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 - 7art Zodiac Clock ScreenSaver 1.5
by 7art-screensavers.com

Zodiac Clock is a new time measuring tool able to tell you a day of the week and the month as well. Moreover it brings you energy of a current zodiac sign, it's very useful for harmonizing y...

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File Size: 793 K | Freeware

 - 7art Zodiac ScreenSaver 1.0
by 7art-screensavers

7art Zodiac screensaver brings you 12 amazing signs of the zodiac pictured in original way. The Zodiac drawings (true color, 800x600 resolution) take turns with various transitional effects...

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File Size: 831 K | Freeware

 - 7art Be Here Now Clock ScreenSaver 1.1
by 7art-screensavers.com

This Clock has a hidden magical feature - the ability to rise current level of our consciousness and happiness. Just be here now in the sacral moment on the way from the past to the radiant ...

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File Size: 546 K | Freeware


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