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The ActiveX control offers an easy method to pick a customized color list.

You can download ColorCombo ActiveX Control from publisher's website: Free download (2.82 MB)

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Active X - ColorCombo ActiveX Control
by NiceFeather Software Solutions Corp.

Key Features: 1. Ideal tool to select color from 16 colors, system colors or customized color list. 2. A built-in professional color dialog. 3. Offers powerful items data management capabili...

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File Size: 2.82 MB | Shareware

Active X - EasyDial ActiveX Control 1.0
by PC Lubricant Corporation

The EasyDial(tm) ActiveX Control 1.0 makes it easy for Windows software engineers to write code to dial and connect to ISPs. Designed with the needs of our end-users, the software engineers,...

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File Size: 2.97 MB | Shareware

Active X - ABarCode ActiveX Control 1.1
by ABarCode Software

ABarcode is an ActiveX control that allows you to print barcodes in any Windows application that supports ActiveX technology, including the MS Office suite (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, ...

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File Size: 2.07 MB | Shareware


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