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A small utility to generate robust passwords with options.

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Password Managers - absoluteTools-PassGen
by absolutePDF

A small utility to generate robust passwords of fixed length pronounceable or with digits or caps or h4ck3r talk style characters. This improves security since generated passwords aren't op...

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File Size: 1.14 MB | Shareware

Password Managers - PassGen 1.0
PassGen 1.0
by Camtech 2000


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File Size: 1.21 MB | Shareware

Password Managers - Free Download Manager 2.1
by FreeDownloadManager.ORG

With this free download manager and accelerator, you will download files and complete web sites up to 6 times faster than before even while downloading from slow sites. This program is also ...

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File Size: 1.61 MB | Freeware


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