Flexcrypt -Encrypt made easy
by Nordic Information Security Group AB

INTRODUCTION: Flexcrypt is a free encryption software that provides encrypted communication And encrypted storage. Flexcrypt can encrypt your Emails, Texts, Files, MSN/ICQ messages and Hard ...

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File Size: 14.37 MB | Freeware

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Matrix V Encryption 2.4
by Matrix V Labs Ltd.

Free Unbreakable encryption software - Matrix V. "Make your secrets unbreakable!" Nobody, absolutely nobody, not even the NSA, can decrypt communications using Black Matrix. Becau...

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File Size: 452 K | Freeware

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LockDisk 3.0
by klonsoft

Free 256 Bit Encryption Software, Creates multiple encrypted virtual drive to store any type of data. It's powerful encryption ensures that only you can access your data. LockDisk creates a...

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File Size: 1.16 MB | Freeware

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