OPCNetListener 2.10
by Somebytes

Use this Server to get a Network - Status monitoring in your PLC for alarm-generation or something else. The Server is watching your network over ICMP (Ping) SNMP. With this it is possible t...

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File Size: 4.12 MB | Demo

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Child Control 2005 7.153
by Salfeld Computer

The most optimal parental control for all Windows-PCs (incl. XP). Set time limits for the PC and/or the Internet and block/filter unwanted Internet contents. Limit access to internal Windows...

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File Size: 3.62 MB | Shareware

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Penguin Monitor 8s 1.20
by ACMEtoolz.com

Penguin Monitor 8s uses a secure SSH connection for monitoring up to 8 Linux/Unix servers on your LAN or across the Internet. It runs on a Windows system tray. It connects to each server in ...

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File Size: 510 K | Shareware

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