Version Manager 1.1
by MakeLogic


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File Size: 3.45 MB | Demo

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VBubbles 1.0

VBubbles offers user-friendly project versions management, visual tools for component changes overview and code history, compiled files log and code locking, development time tracking and o...

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File Size: 2.04 MB | Shareware

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LizaJet Installer for Delphi Developers 1.2.
by LizaJet

Installation and upgrading are just different modes for this efficient installer. User Dialogs are shown before downloading; only the files of the features your user selects are downloaded,...

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File Size: 6.75 MB | Freeware

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FileGuarder 2.5.0
by Helpfullib,Inc.

At present, the virus,the wood horse has no place not at.The computer is subjected to an arrival every moment from the danger of the network, the data safety has already become one of the pr...

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File Size: 1.62 MB | Shareware

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