Easy Address Book Web Server 1.2
by EFS Software, Inc.

Easy Address Book Web Server is a Web Address Book software that allows users to view, search, add, edit, or administer address books easily through a Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla...

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File Size: 2.52 MB | Shareware

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PeopleTracker 2.0
by Sunfleck Software

PeopleTracker makes it easy to store and find information such as addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, or special notes on all your friends and family. You may also add a picture for each pe...

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File Size: 12.68 MB | Shareware

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Handy Address Book 3.0
by Beiley Software

Handy Address Book is easy to use, yet powerful software that makes keeping track of your contacts simple and fun. The user interface is designed to minimize keystrokes or mouse movements n...

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File Size: 433 K | Shareware

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WebAsyst Address Book 1
by WebAsyst, LLC

Web-based contact management software. Centralized storage for your business and personal contacts. It allows you to organize contact entries into folders and share access with your team. ...

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File Size: 2.38 MB | Shareware

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Contact Wolf 2.30
by Lone Wolf Software

The Contact Management Solution for Home or Business. An award winning design and easy to use interface lets you start building your contact database immediately. Keep detailed records on al...

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File Size: 6.08 MB | Shareware

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by Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc.

Addressinator! address book software features allow you to customize your field names and the placement within Addressinator! Can't remember exactly how to spell that contact's name or compa...

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File Size: 38.67 MB | Shareware

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Ace Contact Manager 6
by Data Management Assistance Corporation

Use Ace Contact Manager for organizations which need to share contact information while assuring that all users can rapidly access all data at all times. Ace provides secure central location...

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File Size: 22.89 MB | Shareware

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