PPC Keyword Generator 1.0.0
by OverZone Software

PPC Keyword Generator is a unique and easy to use software to help you generate 100s of Adwords/Overture PPC Keyphrases quickly and effortlessly! Just add your main keywords and let the PPC...

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File Size: 1.08 MB | Freeware

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Keyword Permutation Generator 1
by SEO Help

Generate bounded (phrase or exact matching) keyword permutations for pasting into the Google AdWords keyword list form....

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File Size: 21 K | Freeware

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Keyword Expander 1.2
by Latshaw Systems


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File Size: 592 K | Shareware

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AdwordsReporter 1.1.7
by Wisco

Sure, you have a small overview of your Google Adwords campaign in your campaign management. But each and every click takes a few seconds until you see the result of your request. With Adwor...

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File Size: 3.88 MB | Shareware

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AdWords Clever Wizard 1.8
by CleverStat

AdWords Clever Wizard is an extremely easy to use keywords suggestion and research software. With it, you will quickly discover your target keywords with low competition and high demand. Suc...

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File Size: 1.43 MB | Shareware

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Adwords & Keywords 2.00
by IMR, Inc.

Adwords & Keywords is a powerful adwords and keywords analyzer for affiliate marketers or anyone who advertises on Google or Overture. It helps you instantly uncover targeted keywords wi...

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File Size: 850 K | Shareware

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AdSense Decorator 1.0
by LivePIM Software Inc.

AdSense Decorator is designed for webmasters who apply Google AdSense on the websites. It is used to compose background images for Google AdSense displaying. With the AdSense background ima...

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File Size: 866 K | Freeware

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Account Checker 1.2
by Altstone Software

Account Checker is a great tool for the arsenal of any dedicated Internet surfer. This application provides an opportunity to monitor some sites of interest to the user without the need to o...

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File Size: 1020 K | Freeware

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The Permutator 1.0.1
by Boxer Software

Pay-per-click advertising services such as Google's AdWords, Yahoo and others allow advertisers to reach targeted prospects for just pennies apiece. Never before has it been possible to adve...

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File Size: 840 K | Shareware

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KeywordConvert 1.1
by FormatBlue Software

The program combines and formats keywords for Google Adwords campaigns in seconds. It combines separate keywords into phrases and then formats them by putting square brackets and quotation m...

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File Size: 4.64 MB | Shareware

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Keyword String Generator 1.3
by Likeoffice.com

Likeoffice Keyword String 1.3 is a unique tool that generates keyword string combinations of Notions out of list of relevant keywords. It is used mainly for Internet Marketing Campaigns, lik...

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File Size: 125 K | Shareware

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AdWords ROI Calculator 1.0
by 280 Group LLC

The Google AdWords ROI calculator allows you to determine the optimal spending level and return on investment for running an AdWords advertising program. Using the calculator you can determi...

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File Size: 116 K | Shareware

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Adsense Page Maker 1.4
by Adsensepagemaker

Adsense Page Maker is an application that allows you to generate keyword specific and targeted adsense pages for promoting adsense ads.Automaticaly Create pages with your own templates and a...

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File Size: 643 K | Commercial

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