NextGen AntiKeylogger Ultimate
by MaxSecurity Lab

NextGen AntiKeylogger, as seen from its name, is the next generation anti-keylogger program that protects your data from all types of keylogging programs both known, unknown or being devel...

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File Size: 4.61 MB | Shareware

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Anti-Spy.Info adware remover 1.7
by Alex & Matt Neuber

Anti-Spy.Info is your security and personal privacy tool that detects and removes spyware, trojans, keyloggers and adware. It complements your firewall and anti-virus software. The process v...

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File Size: 1.31 MB | Shareware

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PrivacyKeyboard 7.4
by Global Information Technology (UK) Ltd

PrivacyKeyboard for Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003 server is the FIRST product of its kind in the world that can provide every computer with strong protection against ALL types of keylogging...

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File Size: 3.71 MB | Shareware

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Anti-keylogger 7.4
by Global Information Technology (UK) Limited

Anti-keylogger? is a dedicated anti-keylogging product. Unlike most other anti-spyware, Anti-keylogger? doesn't depend on signature bases ? just because it doesn't use them. Based solely on...

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File Size: 3.26 MB | Shareware

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Personal Antispy 1.2
by BlazingTools Software

Personal Antispy can provide every computer with strong protection against most types of unauthorized activity monitoring software, both known and unknown. It effectively finds and removes k...

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File Size: 327 K | Shareware

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