Chameleon Folder Lite
by Chameleon Apps Team

Chameleon Folder is a handy utility that provides fast access to your most often used and favorite folders. It allows you to make your own menu that consists of your favorite folder paths. O...

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File Size: 2.3 MB | Freeware

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Manage Folder Now 1.5
by Elongsoft Software

Manage Folder Now is an easy to use program that allows you to hide folder or quick jump your folders.You can keep your personal data away from others. Others will not know where your person...

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File Size: 866 K | Shareware

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Folder Pilot 1.00
by BAxBEx Software

Folder Pilot seamlessly integrates into your Windows environment with two easy-to-use Windows extensions. Install Folder Pilot today and forget all the hassles when browsing through folders...

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File Size: 1.7 MB | Shareware

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Fast Folder Access 1.8.2
by Eusing Software

Fast Folder Access is a shell enhancement that gives you quick jump to your favorite folders in Common Open/Save dialogs, in Windows Explorer, the desktop and the Start Button.You access the...

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File Size: 1021 K | Shareware

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