Audio-CD-Archiv v7 7.10.723
by GBelectronics GmbH

Use Audio-CD-Archiv v7 as your music-centre to manage all your music-files. Load the lyrics automatically and on playback a title you see the scrolling Lyrics fitting to the music. Automatic...

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File Size: 61.97 MB | Shareware

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4Media Audio CD Burner
by mp4converter.net

4Media Audio CD Burner, a music CD burner software with powerful functions, makes it possible to burn CDs from popular video formats like AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, RM, MOV...

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File Size: 26.71 MB | Shareware

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Nevo CD Ripper 2008 2.3.1
by NEVO Multimedia Inc.

Nevo CD Ripper support audio cd to mp3, wav, wma, ogg, drive support IDE/SCSI/USB/IEE1394 buses. easy used and fast....

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File Size: 2 MB | Shareware

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Audio-CD-Archiv 5.0 Edition 2006 5.00.578
by GBelectronics

Put your valuable CD-collection into the wall cupboard and make Audio-CD-Archiv to your central music-center! With the help of Audio-CD-Archiv you can catalog your Audio-CDs, clearly without...

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File Size: 23.77 MB | Shareware

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WMA WAV MP3 to Audio CD Maker 1.1.0
by Allok Soft Inc.

WMA WAV MP3 to Audio CD Maker is an powerful and simple-to-use application that allows you to create standard Audio CDs from existing audio files. Burn your favorite WMA MP3 WAV and OGG song...

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File Size: 1.6 MB | Shareware

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WinAmpBar 1.51
WinAmpBar 1.51
by VSVsoft.com Development

These days computers are everywhere. We tend to work using machines more and more each day. As modern operating systems evolve, we get more possibilities to make our life easier with help of...

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File Size: 1.52 MB | Shareware

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Ultra MP3 to CD Burner 1.5.8
by Aone Software

Ultra MP3 to CD Burner is a simple and easy-to-use Music CD burning software for Windows. With this burning program you can create high-quality audio CDs which is playable on your CD stereo....

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File Size: 1.17 MB | Shareware

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Sector Tester 1.0
by DigitalCandle, inc.

Sector Tester is a new & used music CD "sector" tester that checks music tracks for scratches and data integrity in seconds. If you burn your own music CD's - you need to be ab...

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File Size: 672 K | Shareware

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Music Catalogue Master 4.01
by KIX Software Solutions

Music Catalogue Master catalogs CDs and vinyl records into a fully searchable database. It automatically enters CDs and records via an internet connection. It downloads and enters all the av...

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File Size: 14.82 MB | Shareware

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Chorus Producer 1.00
by Voice Imitation & Recognition Ltd.

Chorus Producer allows an easy way to produce a vocal band from one vocal singer up to 99 different vocal singers and then to save them to one vocal WAV file. The program performs from one v...

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File Size: 3.02 MB | Shareware

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Bingo! RM MP3 to CD Maker Burner 3.4.60115
by AjivaSoft Computing, Inc.

Directly burn your Real Audio Video (RM RA RMVB...), MP3, and WAVE files to audio CD without temporary. Bingo RM MP3 to Audio CD Maker converts Real Audio (RM RA RMVB...), MP3, WAVE files ...

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File Size: 1.2 MB | Shareware

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Acoustica MP3 CD Burner 3.01
by Acoustica

Search, Rip, Click & Burn! Easy to learn! Easy to burn! Put your MP3 files on to your own music CD and play them back in your car or home CD player! It cross-fades tracks, auto volume no...

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File Size: 3.48 MB | Shareware

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