GSA Cleandrive 3.17
by GSA

It is a common problem that almost anything that you do on your PC can be spied out by others. There is a big market where money is made by simply tracking your online behavior (what sites y...

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File Size: 3.35 MB | Shareware

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Complete Cleanup 4.85b
by SoftDD

As you browse the internet many websites store information about your browsing habits on your computer. Every webpage you browse is also stored on your machine, and this can allow anyone who...

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File Size: 892 K | Shareware

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C-Privacy 2.3
by C-Privacy

CPrivacy is an advanced privacy management software. It can not only erase all the evidences of use from your PC, it frees hard disk space and improving PC performance, it prevents home pag...

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File Size: 5.63 MB | Shareware

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