ZipBackup 4.0
by ZipBackup, Inc.

ZipBackup is an easy, yet powerful tool for backing up your data to standard Zip files on CDs, DVDs, a hard drive, floppy disks, or over a network. ZipBackup even spans multiple disks automa...

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File Size: 1.1 MB | Shareware

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Incrediback Backup 2.25
by Incrediback.com

Incrediback is a scalable powerhouse backup program with easy to navigate interface. The expanded file folder backup and archive features can be utilized on a single computer or on a network...

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File Size: 3.97 MB | Shareware

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AutoZIP Backup 1.0
by Perception

AutoZIP Backup is professional software that lets you automate the backup of your precious files to a ZIP archive. 27 pre-defined file sets including Outlook Mail, IE Favorites, and Palm ha...

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File Size: 1.15 MB | Shareware

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